Keynote | Technical | English

From Data Ice Age to Adaptable Data Innovation Age. According to most of the analysts, “Data Fabric” is the current most important technology trend for 2022. In this talk we will discuss how “Data Fabric” is able to transform your current data from frozen Data inside rigid schemas in Data Silos, to liquid data that is able to adapt to different use cases and consumers, adopting new forms and shapes with dynamic schemas. We will see how this transforms the main Data use cases your company is using now, to generate maximum value from Data in a fraction of the time 

We will also go over  some of the technologies related to “Data Fabric” automation: from AI to Automated Data Governance, Graph technologies, ontologies, semantic queries, Data Marketplace, Smart Data Contracts, and containers, as the new way to allow the data to adapt to the users and stop forcing the users to adapt to the data.