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While many companies struggle to understand how AI will change their industries, wildlife conservation has no lack of immediate challenges for the data science and machine learning skills often locked up in large, for-profit organizations.
From spotted hyenas to leafy seadragons, there is an amazing window of opportunity for technologists to be a part of deeply meaningful discoveries in collaboration with a research community flooded with data and hungry to break new ground in understanding Endangered population sizes, movement, social behavior, culture, and even language.
Join Wild Me’s Executive Director Jason Holmberg to learn our story in forming a nonprofit, full-time team of software and machine learning engineers focused on supporting wildlife conservation in partnership with biologists across the globe. Every day, we see a growing need for technologists like you to be full team members in the fight against the Sixth Mass Extinction. There are questions about the natural world- entirely new discoveries – that you may be the key to unlocking.”