Track 4

13.20 to 14.00

IoT predictive maintenance for airplanes, bringing deep learning to the edge

Rodrigo Cabello - Plain Concepts

Daniela Solís - Plain Concepts

Track 5

11.45 to 12.25

Detecting “things” with edge computing and the cloud, and all the stuff you don’t see

Joaquín Amat Rodrigo - CEPSA

Ramiro Manso Alarcón - Keepler

13.20 to 14.00

Data Intelligence driving vehicle electrification forward

Jorge González - Geotab

17.50 to 18.30

A public-owned IoT network built by citizens: The Things Network Madrid

Mario Briceño González - Sweepr

Ángel Luis Martínez - The Things Network


Track 4

10.55 to 11.35

Thoughts on IoT with some blockchain

Tim Graves - Oracle